Friday, September 20, 2013

This weeks Movie We are the Millers

Movies can teach us valuable lessons. These are a few lessons I learnt from We are the Millers starring Jason Sudekis, Ed Helms(Stu from Hangover), Emma Roberts(Nancy Drew) and Jennifer Aniston(If you don't know her then you are in the matrix).

Lesson 1: Don't rush into sucking dicks, 1000 pesos are worth only eighty dollars.
Lesson 2: When a spider bites you on your nuts,you don't turn into Spiderman. You don't  turn into anything .Just a guy with huge red scratchy balls.
Lesson 3: Abandoned garages are not out of work, they are used by MILFs for stripping. Hell they even have poles, chains and sparks.
Lastly the best name for stripper is Boner Garage. No seriously it is good.

All in all its a pretty nice movie.I give it 3 hot Anistons.